Smiling Hill Farm

Joe Duley’s Blog & Grill takes a trip to Smiling Hill Farm where Joe attempts to take on his lifelong fear of mammalian farmammallian creatures and shares some milky memories along the way. The unlucky interviewee and tour guide that has to hold Joe’s hand is Warren Knight, a member of the same Knight family that founded the Westbrook, Maine farm back in the 1720s.

Elsmere BBQ & Wood Grill

Joe Duley’s Blog & Grill meats Elsmere BBQ & Wood Grill. In this episode Joe interviews co-owners Adam & Jeremy about their South Portland BBQ spot and discovers that they serve nothing butt the best.

Saltwater Grille

This time on Joe Duley’s Blog & Grill, Joe interviews Mark Loring about his South Portland restaurant Saltwater Grille, and finds out why everyone loves his deck.

Vena’s Fizz House

Joe takes his Blog & Grill to the new soda bar and mixology shop in Portland that popped open on Fore St. last month. He samples some of the all-natural carbonated concoctions at Vena’s Fizz House, interviews co-owner Johanna Corman, and tries to steal the recipe for their Key Lime Pie soda.

The North Point

It took Joe a while to find the place, but he finally found The North Point at 35 Silver St. in Portland, Maine. Once inside, he took a seat at the end of the bar and quizzed co-owner Noah Talmatch about his restaurant (and his fashion habits).

Yarmouth Frame and Gallery

This time on Joe Duley’s Blog & Grill, Beth Newman gives us a tour of Yarmouth Frame and Gallery while Joe paints a masterpiece and exposes himself to the world.

Salubrious Garlic Bread

This time on Joe Duley’s Blog & Grill, learn the difference between butter & olive oil, different ways to use paintbrushes, and more. Also, Joe shows you how to make some salubrious garlic bread.

Ingredients provided by Micucci Grocery in Portland, ME.

Music by Panorama Jazz Band.

LeRoux Kitchen

This time on Joe Duley’s Blog & Grill, Joe tries to measure up to Liz Harris at LeRoux Kitchen in Portland, Maine. Also, he interviews her about the store.

Gorgeous Gelato

Joe Duley interviews Donato & Mariagrazia at Gorgeous Gelato and tries to find out who the gorgeous one is.